Sleep Apnea


Second-Hand Snoring Kills

Some people think snoring is just an annoying, involuntary nighttime thing. If you’re the person who snores, you get sick of listening to your partner tell you how badly they slept because of you. If you’re the partner trying to sleep through the snoring, do you get sick and tired of waking up to the sound of a buzz saw?

But snoring is often a symptom of a bad bite, Temporomandibular Jaw Disorder (TMD), or even sleep apnea. Almost half of all people who snore also grind their teeth. Grinding of the teeth is a way to open up the airway when sleeping, but it does cause dental problems.

Grinding teeth can lead to tiny cracks and pressure fractures in the teeth which, over time, can contribute to broken teeth, increased number of cavities, and even oral infections.

Sleeping well is essential to living a good life. Did you know that the CDC links inadequate rest with the inability to concentrate, remember things, drive, and even work on personal interests or hobbies?

If you, or your bedmate, snore, grind or clench your teeth at night, call us. Here’s what we can do:

  • We offer a home sleep test. It’s easy to do, and your results will be analyzed by a sleep MD and shared with your general medical doctor.
  • The sleep test measures your bite as well as your breathing during sleep, so if you are clenching or grinding, we can help!
  • Ask us about nightguards and our T-scan system which we use to help you find and maintain your most comfortable jaw position.
  • Dermal fillers can relieve discomfort and jaw tension in people who have TMD when injected into the jaw muscles.
  • Finally, if you or your bedmate can not tolerate a doctor recommended CPAP, let us know because often we have a much more comfortable and less awkward solution, which will let you get a great night’s sleep.