Inlays and Onlays


Dental Inlays

In our Inspiring Smiles office, we use the smartest advancements in technology to make it possible for our patients to keep their amazing smile even if they have cavities. Our dentist will use dental inlays to repair patient’s teeth that have other repair options. The dentist will begin the procedure by first removing the decayed part of the tooth or teeth, that is receiving the inlays. Next, the doctor will make an impression of your tooth/teeth and send it over to our skilled laboratory technician. The lab will create your dental inlay using the precise specifications of the tooth that needs to be restored. Our lab uses porcelain to create the inlays to match the exact shade of your teeth. Our Inspiring Smiles dentist places a temporary restoration while your permanent inlays are made. The temporary replacement protects your teeth and allows you to chew safely and comfortably. Once your inlays arrive at our facility, the doctor will make sure they fit perfectly and then secure them in place.

Dental Onlays

At Inspiring Smiles in Cumming, GA, we also use another method of restoration called an Onlay. Dental Onlays offer a stronger, better fitting and lasting repair for tooth decay or other physical damage. On your first visit, the tooth is prepared, and a molded impression of your tooth is sent to the lab where they will make the onlays. The dentists may make you a temporary onlay during this visit to protect your tooth until your permanent onlays are placed. On your second visit, the doctor removes the temporary and replaces it with your permanent dental onlays. The final step will be to check your bite and make sure your dental onlays fit perfectly. The dentists will then bond the onlays onto your teeth and polish the margins.