Teeth in 24

Stronger. Better. And More Beautiful Than You Ever Imagined.

Are your teeth causing you endless problems and costing you a fortune in gum disease treatment, root canals, crowns and bridges that need to constantly be redone? If you are tired of living with pain and inconvenience or major oral health issues, or if you have missing teeth, Inspiring Smiles and Dr. Page Barden can help – and do it in 24 hours – with the revolutionary Teeth in 24 system!

How Teeth in 24 Can End Your Dental Problems – Fast!

Teeth in 24 is a permanent (non- removable) Zirconia dental implant prosthetic. This remarkable bridge uses Prettau Zirconia ™ instead of acrylic, for a stronger, more naturally beautiful option that simply will not chip or stain the way acrylic bridges do. And the procedure is completed in 24 hours.

Why Choose a Prettau Zirconia™

Unlike acrylic, the material typically used in bridges and dentures, Zirconia boasts an amazingly high bending strength and resistance to chipping, breaking, and staining. The outstanding density and smooth finish of Zirconia makes it an ideal material for use in permanent and aesthetic dental restorations. In fact, the Prettau® Zirconia system is the only system with a published 5 year longitudinal study demonstrating the 100% success rate of the prosthetics and implants.

Prettau® Zirconia restorations have already been in use in Europe for over 5 years with astounding success and now Inspiring Smiles is pleased to offer this life-changing product to our patients in the United States.

How Teeth in 24 Works

The Prettau® dental implant supported bridge is designed to be a permanent and non-removable solution to missing or failing teeth, sub-par dentures, and dilapidated dental crowns and bridges.

The dental implant portion of the restoration physically fuses with your jawbone and creates a strong, lasting, and durable foundation for the implant bridge.

Once the implant posts are secured, we will place a beautiful temporary bridge to keep you smiling while your implants heal. Once healing is complete, we will permanently place your fully functional Zirconia bridge for a strong, confident smile that will last for years.

Dr. Page Barden

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